Camera For A Cure
Original Photography by Timmy Walsh
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Camera For A Cure and Original Work by Timmy Walsh offers life through a child's eye.  A blend of creative vision, style, and bold imagery are words often used to describe Timmy's body of work.  Known for his unique ideas and photography sense, Timmy is becoming an admired photographer to those who have viewed his work.  Timmy's view and angling technique captures the true essence of a subject, bringing to life qualities often ignored by many other photographers.

Timmy enjoys public showings of his work, explaining where and why he took the photos displayed.  He allows you to see life as you have not yet seen or haven't seen in many years, experiencing the excitement he felt at the moment he snapped each shot.

View Timmy's portfolio and you will understand why he is well regarded!

Call today to schedule a show or a personal appointment! (570) 604-4355

Camera For A Cure

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